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The Nappy Collective

Sharon from Chance of Grace with Kaylee, 1, proudly supporting The Nappy Collective at Kayson Floors, Woori Yallock


APRIL 2018

Australia, supporting a baby in need is just a nappy away!

On Friday, 4 May, The Nappy Collective, will launch its eleventh nappy drive, a two-week campaign that calls on babies and parents throughout Australia to donate unused, disposable nappies, providing tangible support to women and babies-in-crisis.

The collective’s mission is clear – by simply donating left-over, unused disposable nappies, Australians can help create a huge impact to families in desperate need.

According to the most recent study conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 311,104 babies are born in Australia each year, equating to between 600,000 to 900,000 nappy wearing babies and toddlers. Based on this population, the potential for positive impact is huge.

If every baby donated their leftover unused nappies this would create significant relief for families in crisis who often are faced with the choice between nappies and other necessities, such as food or healthcare needs for themselves.

The Nappy Collective, the only organisation solely focused on nappy relief in Australia, has amassed donations of over two million nappies to date. Supporting over 200 beneficiaries, such as Melbourne City Mission and McAuley Community Services for Women, each drive provides women and children across Australia, at acute moments of crisis, with basic necessities.

In its fifth year, The Nappy Collective has appointed its first CEO, Lani Masuku, who brings a fresh vision and expertise to the organisation that is determined to reach a target of collecting three million nappies by 2019.

“Taking the reigns of The Nappy Collective is an opportunity to provide tangible support to women and babies across Australia in vulnerable positions and I, along with our team, am driven to lead the organisation into its next chapter,” says Masuku.

Ms Masuku is excited by the prospect of significant impact and growth for The Nappy Collective over the next 12 months.

“We’re looking to reach the parents and families of all the 900,000 nappy wearing babies and toddlers to help us create basic positive change. Our beneficiary organisations are always critically desperate for nappies, an item that does not receive government support. The campaigns are not only an opportunity to address this need, but they also provide parents and families with the opportunity to educate their children about positive change, doing good and giving back before they even know what social change is.”

The provision of nappies, a basic necessity for the care of a child, removes a financial and logistical barrier and can improve the mental wellbeing for women and parents in crisis. The majority of nappies will be distributed to women who have fled to the safety of a shelter with nothing but their child in their arms after a family violence occurrence.

The Nappy Collective has previously garnered support from the likes of well-known Australians such as Dannii Minogue, Natalie Bassingthwaite, Giaan Rooney, Megan Gale and Kate Ritchie.

Parents and babies throughout Australia can provide powerful change by donating their nappies to Chance of Grace/Kayson Floors, proud supporters and an official drop point for Woori Yallock.

May’s nappy drive will run until Friday, 18 May and calls for parents and families across the nation to become a part of The Collective and aid families in their most vulnerable moments of crisis. With Australia’s support, The Nappy Collective impact’s change, nappy by nappy, bottom by bottom for safer, healthier and happier babies.

To find your nearest drop point or learn more about The Nappy Collective, please visit


The organisation was founded in 2013 by then CEO Sandra Jacobs. Sandra, who is now CEO of the Bennelong Foundation, found herself asking ‘what should we do with all the nappies our babies have grown out of?’. Sandra found she wasn’t alone, with a group of mothers in her network sharing the same concern. Rather than passing them onto a friend, keeping them for the next child or throwing them away, the group started collecting and donating nappies to women in crisis.

Like all good causes, the organic uptake of its goodwill saw The Nappy Collective gather 1,500 nappies in its first two weeks at The Staple Store, the first drop point.

Since October 2013, The Nappy Collective has redistributed over two million nappies to 200 beneficiaries across Australia.

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