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Eco Warrior

Welcome to 2018. How the years are just flying by! But do you know what stands still in time? Plastic in our oceans.

Australia alone uses 6.9 billion plastic bags a year of which 3.6 billion are plastic shopping bags. These don't go away.

This year, and going forward, I am making a conscience effort to make changes in this world. I suppose some sort of eco warrior. Why? Because our Earth is crying... and it's our fault. Every toothbrush, every plastic shopping bag, every plastic straw goes somewhere. And a lot of that is going into our oceans. They are part of a damaging cycle. Marine animals and birds are mistaking plastic as food, right down to the most minuscule organisms. This hasn't happened by accident. Humans did it. Humans can fix it.

But why should you make changes too? Because it affects YOU. That fish you had at the fancy restaurant? He probably had ingested a stomach full of plastic. Plastic that is toxic. Toxins that make it's way into the meat/muscles of the fish... which you digest. Because when you spend a day at the beach, and the water that you are swimming in to cool off, is the same water hundreds of miles away that is holding tons and tons of RUBBISH. Kinda gross, right?

But what can you do to make a difference in this world?

- replace household cleaning products with environmentally friendly products

Chance of Grace recommends Ecostore

- replace personal care products (with microbeads) to microbead-free alternatives.

Chance of Grace recommends Moogoo

- stop using plastic bags when doing your groceries. Supermarket giants sell reusable shopping bags or jump online and search for calico/cotton reusable bags. When bagging your fruit and vegetables in the fresh produce isle, use reusable bags.

- stop buying single use water bottles! The best option is to buy reusable glass/bamboo water bottles. And most of the time... refilling them is FREE. Australia has amazing water straight from the tap. We are blessed... use it!

General household items that have eco-friendly options:


Dish cloths

Nappy bags

Dental floss

Food wraps


A great resource is Flora & Fauna Australia

You're probably thinking, "I can't make a difference just by making those changes." But you know what... YES YOU CAN! We have become so conditioned to the disposable lifestyle because that's how we were brought up. That's what we were taught. It's just what we know. But what if you knew different? What if you knew better? It doesn't have to be this way. You have a choice. You can make a better choice. One plastic item at a time. I have given you ideas for small changes, that can have a huge impact.

We share this Earth. It's not yours. It's mine. It's ours. Let's make it a better place to live. For our wildlife, for yourselves, for our children. We all have to live here, so let's keep it beautiful. x

The 2016 Rubbish Report is a snapshot of rubbish removed by Clean Up Australia Day volunteers. In Victoria, the Report is based on rubbish surveyed from 159 locations.


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