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Kaylee Grace Turns One

Kaylee Grace turns one - Rustic Tropics

Sunday 11th March 2018


I usually go all in with birthday parties. Balloons, decorations, food, party favour bags... but this year was different. I was determined to create a plastic-free party. This changed everything and it was actually harder than I thought. It was completely toned down compared to past parties but at the end of the day, our family and friends weren't there for the decorations. They were there because they love us and our children. Or maybe they were just there for the food?

First birthdays are always the most special. They grow so much in the first year and you wonder where the hell the last year has gone.

The Food


Every party I've had previously, I hand-made all the food. All the food for the kids and for the adults. This year I was super lazy and not very organised. So I called upon the awesome team from Platters To A Tee. They delivered two grazing platters that are ready to go. Just set them on the table and eat! They were an absolute hit and there was nothing left by the end of the party. I made scones which lasted about 0.02 seconds once they hit the table and the rest was just chips and biscuits that I put in bowls and plonked on the table. Definitely not as epic as people are used to seeing but hey, everyone was fed.

The Cake


If you have scroll of Yumminess By Esther, you will see why I trust her to make my cakes. She truly has a talent and is a gifted artist. I was lucky enough to have been given the flowers that were left over from decorating the cake. I filled 3 vases which I could spread around as extra decoration.

The Gifts


I was bold enough to ask our guests for particular gifts. I asked for no plastic toys, eco-friendly, recycled materials or natural materials. I was pleasantly surprised when 99% of our guests respected what we were trying to do. I found that people put more thought into what they were buying.

The Party Bag


No noisy toys here... you're welcome parents.

Pencils - Kmart

Wooden duck - Blue Scooter

Wooden feather - Spotlight

Pink Kraft bags - Spotlight

Kraft "Thank You" stickers - Chirnside Variety

Mumma's dress - Salty Crush

Paper tassel decoration - Spotlight

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