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Not another Mummy Blogger

So here I am. Another "Mummy Blogger". Do we need more of us? Maybe. Maybe not. It's kind of like soy candles. The market is flooded with them. So what makes mine different? Probably not a lot. But I appreciate you, reading this right now. Because I'm taking time out of my day, to share with you the real stuff that happens. My life won't be filtered (although maybe, sometimes my Instagram pictures will be).

Now I'm not trying to compete with the already established Mummy Bloggers out there. I'm just excited to now be a part of this awesome community. A community, I hope, is a safe, outspoken, heartfelt one.

There are women out there, all over the world. I am just lucky to be a part of the Motherhood, twice over. I just hope that you enjoy reading about my crazy, crazy life...

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