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Now that I have your attention... we need to talk.

If you are in Australia, you will know there's a new television series airing this Sunday on Seven, Yummy Mummies.

Now I love a good trash television show. You know, those shows where your partner rolls their eyes when they see what you're watching. But by the previews of Yummy Mummies, this show looks next level.

I breast fed both my children. Each one for approximately 3 months. But that point is really mute because I don't really care if you bottle fed or breast fed your baby. I am a firm believer in "fed is best". It doesn't matter which one is done. They both keep our little cherubs alive.

When I first started breastfeeding my son, I researched my rights in Australia for breastfeeding in public. I pre-empted how it would go down when someone asked me to stop breastfeeding. I never had to use my research. It was never questioned. As it should be. Women are advocating like crazy to normalise breastfeeding. I was out for dinner once with the family and even my own mother tried to cover me up. I said "No, Mum. I'm fine like this.". I don't know if it's old school or if she was just trying to protect her daughter from the public seeing her breasts. My breasts were fine... they were feeding my daughter.

What bothers me about the preview of Yummy Mummies is the way they portray breastfeeding. We are shown a scene where a "Yummy Mummy" is out in a cafe or the like and sees another woman openly breastfeeding. She controversially says, "Breastfeeding in public, for me, is illegal.". This is not okay. This is too far. Is this a mother-to-be going too far or the media going too far, for the sake of ratings? Either way, it will divide. People will take sides. That's what the media wants us to do. I fail to believe that a women could genuinely say that in 2017. This show is going to blow shit up! This could potentially have an extremely damaging effect on publicly breastfeeding.

What I'm trying to say is... I'm mad. I'm mad at the woman who said it and I'm mad at Channel Seven for airing it. Women should be uniting together... not dividing. Get those boobies out or wave those bottle in the air, girlfriend, because there is nothing more beautiful than a woman feeding her precious baby. However that may be.

*edit - I should have known the Australian women would not be so dumb as to fall for this highly scripted/set-up television show. It was still a disgrace. I was cringing. #freetheboob

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